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Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Doesn't do DBZ justice

I'm a huge Dragonball Z fan but you couldn't have made the actual product any better. Showing a bunch of stills wasn't neccessarily bad... if you were asked to do a DBZ comic book it'd be great. Some animation would have been cool but for what you wanted to create... good job. Whatabout Hercule though!

You just gave it all away

You idiot. The cell saga is showing now in England. At least I didn't understand it. And the music is very annoying. Graphics were good though, considering you drew them.

I love dragon ballz I think it is the best anime

I thought this was pretty good although there were a few things that could have been worked on like continue on to the death of cell. It would have made it all the better. Still very good ;)

This looks like you traced art from dragonballZ

I found this movie to be a little boring but it's still kinda of a neat manga tribute to Dbz.

I'd give you a 6/10

Great drawings.

But too bad it wasn't a fully done flash instead of a slideshow so it wasn't that great but the animation of the drawings was really amazing and great job (if you did them yourself that is.)