Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

You just gave it all away

You idiot. The cell saga is showing now in England. At least I didn't understand it. And the music is very annoying. Graphics were good though, considering you drew them.

Nice tribute

It was an okay cartoon and the song was nice, but there was no animation and the kanji were all messed up. Nice effort though.


thats great shit!take it from a fellow anime drawer thats nice!

pretty damn cool

very nicly done gallery, i look foward to more of you work.

To Slow

Im not saying this sucks. Im not saying that at all this is a pretty damn good movie the only problem is that its way to slow and that still pics arent exacly the most eciteing thing to look at. Great Job though. I suggest a tribute to Krillen he rules ( dont u dare say santhing wrong about Krillen )