Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

Hehe great!!

lol awesome! good luck on having the daily feature award!

extremeanimator responds:

lol aww dam i was hoping that i got that award but o well maybe next time

Everybody has to watch this !

Man , that was so ******* funny ! The entire movie was well thought out , and the character , too ! Lol , the fan part was pretty funny , it must of been going around at least 1000 mph ! What's with the bird and it's helmet :) , lol . I loved the whole movie , and the end , too . You have to make another one ! That was awesome guy !

extremeanimator responds:

lol yer that fan is amazing! its like a rocket! o and with the bird well it put the helmate on cause it didnt want to almost get hit by another "roof" again lol, ill see if i can think of another idea for the next eppisode, although i was trying to work with this guy on the internet doing a co-operative animation... ill have to see what happens!

What is this!?

How unrealistic! How could the fan still spin if it wasn't connected to the house!? BLAM! Haha, nah. Just joking, I don't really care. This flash wasn't serious anyways. But back to my review, the animation was crisp and fast. It was smooth and drawn well. It never got boring at any parts either. Great job, awesome addition to the NG portal. My only problem was the fact that he took so long to turn on the fan. Either way, I vote 5!

I've got that damn tune stuck in my head! >>;

Smooth animation, very cute. The humour ran a little dry at some points, but I liked it nonetheless. That tune in the background drove me crazy though, cause I just couldn't figure out where I had heard it before until I read the credits. lol Anyway, good work. I'd love to see another.


The movie was cool but i still have no idea what the title has to do with the acctual movie. Make more plz though!