Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


Nice one. cool animation

I liked it

you did a good job. unlike most good movies that get submitted to the portal it isnt really short
. well done

Your flash movies r strangley good...

All of ur movies have a famililarity about them. They all are about random crap. Dont misunderstand me, they're good, but reeeeaaaaallly realllly storyline *free*. When i rated 1 of ur other movies about a giangantic beaqm attack you said this would have a storyline. What the hell is it???? Very good flash though. I liked the part when the roof came back down and it went into slo-mo. =D


Where have I heard that music before? :S
Sounds way too formiliar...
Cool though.
VERY smooth.
What happened to his hands? Get lazy?
Just kidding.:P
But funny idea. Even the sign, Tighten roof now. Sweet.:P
Sounds effects work. Very cartoony. Especially the roof peices falling.

extremeanimator responds:

lol hey i just found out then that i did leave his hands out! lol, but i am a big fan of ryan khatam and his stick figure cartoons! so in most of his they only show their hands in close up scenes but when they are far away then they are just lines! but yer i didnt even think of putting the hands in when he is running lol, o well, i luv the end scene where he just dives outa the house as if it was a bomb about to hit it, and then he comes up surviving but yet a bit of wood hits him and hes gone lol!

Sounded Familiar

It's the same music that's in the flash Pencilmation. A lot of the same sound effect, too. Is this like a set of sounds or something? It was funny, though. Not bad.