Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


well done...very well animated...nice frame by frame...but ure characteres look ripped from the guy who made johnny rocket fingers...

extremeanimator responds:

woah thnx for the comment on fbf cause it took a long time to do those! and my characters are just made up a stick with a yellow head and facial expressions... lots of peoples do that i think.. but yer im a big fan of ryan khatam (the one who made the jonny rocket fingers) and i have learnt from his animations and gone onto making my own!

Very smooth...

The animation flowed nicely. It was funny and a pleasure to watch.

Good job.

Nicly done

Really nice style, but I found one problem..... it kinda draged on..... but I gave it a 5 anyways!

extremeanimator responds:

lots of people have noticed that it dragged on, so ill try make it better next episode....

Bloody brilliant animation

Bloody smooth and flawless, well done

Nice job

You did a really good job of animation, but the story was really slow. there needs to be more reason to watch that guy for so long instead of just watching his drama queen reactions to the two events.

extremeanimator responds:

well i was thinking that i should have been building up the suspense... then the roof comes down, i meen i was only trying to make the timing realistic! if the roof was up that high controlled by a high powered fan then it would have taken a while for it to come down, so i dont really see whats so bad about the timing? but ill take your advice and make it quicker in the possible next "teh opposites" eppisode! :D