Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

Not bad

Not a bad flash at all, good job. Oh, to answer Quandt question, the song in the preloader is Oh Yeah by Yello. It was the movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off theme.

throw the laws of physics out the window, but...

it dont matter cuz it was an enjoyable movie. had the kinda looney tunes old time cartoon feel to it.

extremeanimator responds:

LOL yer u got a sense of humor and imagination! i like hoe u said throws the laws of physics out the window! yer im glad you likes it!

not bad

slow.. everything is so slow, it's like watching a 15 sec animation in 60 secs.

extremeanimator responds:

jeeze, episodes on tv go for 30mins and u call this slow more like quick.. but hey i was building up the suspense :P

It was okay...

But not good. It made no sense

extremeanimator responds:

c'mon where is your imagination? uh.. its about a stick that goes inside a house and turns on the fan to cool things down and they fan takes off with the roof (notice the sign as he walks, "tighten your roof now") then he goes mad not knowing why his roof took off and then he gets over it and sits down, untill the roof comes back down cause the fan blew up in the sky and then crushes his house, but the stick just made it out. then he got hit with a bit of wood and hes knocked out! does that make sense? i think it does


You've done better.This was just plain.

extremeanimator responds:

do i know u? to b honest i dont think that i have done better than this one considering that this one took about a month to make and all teh others took about 2 weeks or sometin like that... but i guess it not about how long it took to make them its whats in it that counts... o well