Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


wow i Liked it, I think i will see your other movie and hope they are just as good, maybe better, keep up the good work

extremeanimator responds:

im glad you liked it and im hoping to make another one!

Hehe great!!

lol awesome! good luck on having the daily feature award!

extremeanimator responds:

lol aww dam i was hoping that i got that award but o well maybe next time

Everybody has to watch this !

Man , that was so ******* funny ! The entire movie was well thought out , and the character , too ! Lol , the fan part was pretty funny , it must of been going around at least 1000 mph ! What's with the bird and it's helmet :) , lol . I loved the whole movie , and the end , too . You have to make another one ! That was awesome guy !

extremeanimator responds:

lol yer that fan is amazing! its like a rocket! o and with the bird well it put the helmate on cause it didnt want to almost get hit by another "roof" again lol, ill see if i can think of another idea for the next eppisode, although i was trying to work with this guy on the internet doing a co-operative animation... ill have to see what happens!

I've got that damn tune stuck in my head! >>;

Smooth animation, very cute. The humour ran a little dry at some points, but I liked it nonetheless. That tune in the background drove me crazy though, cause I just couldn't figure out where I had heard it before until I read the credits. lol Anyway, good work. I'd love to see another.


That was retarded!! I loved it!! Very nice artwork, and the whole plot was pointless, pure comedy. And the annoying music helped. Keep up the good work.