Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

i love it!

its great, its funny, and the music rox! i hope the poor little yellow-headed sticman gets a new home! im waiting for a sequal!

extremeanimator responds:

i dont think that that stick will get a new home, but if somewhere he does then he wont be buying a fan again! LOL i like the pre loader music more than the other one, its more.... Fuuunkay... boo yer lol


Very fine job on this! It was funny as all get out and had good smooth animation. I like the style too. Definantly do another.

extremeanimator responds:

hey hey thnx man, it takes a long time to complete a smooth f-b-f animation but the result usally turns out great if ya know the right timing and movement! im planning on doing another because of all you great people out there supporting me in my next episode!


Funny... now I must share it with my friends or feel eternal guilt.

And if you're wondering about the 1 for activity, I count play and replay buttons and links to sites and stuff as interactivity.

Cute! =^_^=

WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT MUSIC BEFORE?! Argh! Anyway I feel sorry for the shotty lookin stickman, he has no furnishings other than a couch. X3 I will rember to tighten my roof. Anyway that was some GOOOOOOOOODDDDD flash and AMAZING explosion effects! That earns you a 10 in graphics alone.


nice flash

backround music reminds me of kindergartren