Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


From someone who just watches, it took too long to get to the good parts. It had some stunning,(yes I said stunning), visuals that I haven't seen before in flash. Good job


its strage that an animation with no SUPER SUPER graphics where so coooooool like this one, i voted 5 and that is abnormal i relly congratullate you, it was an amazing work!!!!

It´s nice...

Hey, what is the name of that music playing on preloader?!?
Your flash movie is cool!

Not Bad

I found the pacing and humour a bit slow, and over-dleiberate. The gags were telegraphed so far in advance that there was no surprise value.

There are precedents for deliberate pacing - John Kricfalusi comes to mind, but I believe that you could still make your delivery a little more snappy.


Nice work there...never thought of that...though it IS kinda lame to suggest a joke like that...anyway, I liked it, just that the whole thing was too long. Also, the background music...what can I say, I don't know, I'd rather prefer you find some other music for a better effect...