Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Opinions, speculation and belief

I personally find the idea of "it never began, it always was" much more mind boggling. Whether the big bang being just the beginning of yet another segment of an already existing universe or perhaps the speed of light slowing over time giving us the impression of everything moving away from us, it's all opinions, speculation and belief. Fun to attempt comprehending, however.

Gusto responds:

Yes, it is fun and challenging for the mind to accept some things.

It is probable that most of these opinions and theories will never be disproved or proved, even the big bang.

Eternal mysteries we can only make guesses at :\ Thanks

pretty good

made me feel like i was in one of those disney ground rides
but yep was good with good images to back up the words even if the words werent too new or spectaculaaaar, yay


whats the name of that song you used? its good




Gusto responds:

hopefully deeper than your review. np..


((( AWSOME )))

Hey this was awsome, most of all the music was, very intense, and everything was put together very well, file size could be better but this was a nice flash, great job, keep it up...


Gusto responds:

thanks wayne ;)