Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


This didn't take long to make I reccon.. :P But it's still a very neat pice...



Gusto responds:

a play with words, eh?


It was all right but i'm gueesing you did not hear the theory about actually all of this existing but there are parrelell univeres around us all right now and and exactly the same planets and organisms and the reason we don't bump into each other is because of gravity and the big bang was actually two parrelel univerese coliding and that there are infinite layers and once the universe reaches it's limit will shrim\nk back down then expand agian and we might be able to comunicate with other univeres through sound and i didn't make it up saw it on nova a show on pbs

Not bad

OK so this was a decent flash, and the music fit, and the ideas were interesting. BUT...
To someone like me who is constantly thinking about stuff like this, it wasn't anything special. It didn't "open my eyes", or make me see things in a different way, since it didn't introduce anything new. But I guess most people in this pathetic world don't have the ability to think on this scale until it is put into their heads by a flash.
Anyway, good flash, but nothing very exceptional. But I guess I owe you some respect for thinking of these things yourself. IF you did think of them yourself.
BTW, I don't give a shit if any of you call me arrogant or whatever else, because I just don't give a shit about your second-hand opinions.


uhh... the graphics were very nice and the sound was great. But i really didnt see the meaning to make this movie. You dont submit educational stuff to newgrounds... i think...

Gusto responds:

I suppose it would have been blammed if it really didn't belong here. Some people appreciate a deviant flash.