Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

very true

i actually have wondered about it...a lot. i like that someone other then myself has taken time out of their life to ask these questions.
how did we begin?


now you got me thinking.... your lucky it loaded fast or else i would of blamed it lol!

Gusto responds:

I suppose I am lucky.

It got you thinking! Maybe you'll think before you blam away ;p


Ok, I guess.

Kind of cheesy but I guess you have to dumb things down for the general populace to accept them.

Gusto responds:

Ok, is ok I guess. I didn't think it was cheesy :\ all I tried to do is remind the public of these questions as they tend to be forgotten for extended periods of time as we cannot explain them! thanks anyways


hey man, dont wanna sound mean but....it was orite but not that good. The music was kool though. I like all that kinda stuff like duz the universe end? are we alone? will life ever end? altenate realities and such but this movie just didnt do it for me.

Gusto responds:

I couldnt expect it to do it for everyone. Thanks nonetheless.


It actually made me think...heh
It was pretty new, felt fresh.