Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

simply amazing

this is so good i have tried to make similar things but none of them are anywere close to this one... damn i'm suposed to be doing home work and now u inspired me to make a animation instead damn u


Gusto responds:

:D hehe sorry, I just finished exams for 8 days, and I came home and made this in 12 hours -4 hours of coding that I ended up deleting haha. Thanks alot :)

Im delighted that my work can be inspirational!

deep stuff

Loved the music, and it was very well done, also makes ya think... good job

Gusto responds:

Finally, someone appreciates the music :D I obtained this song about a week ago and I've been enjoying it since (althought it does drive me a bit mad now since I listened to it so many times while editing my movie ;p)

Thanks for the positive review :)

I suppose

Ah Breathless matter cannot be created or destroyed however it can be changed. The big bang is just a way if putting it simpily in retrospect its really just there was a mold it was filled and this is what came out all in all good point the thesis may be off but no one is perfect.

Gusto responds:

yeah. sorry im no expert, I learned my whole astrophysics syllabus in 3 hours ;p

You tell him SpySweeper!

Great Flash

I was wondering what song went with that great flash because the song help the movie a lot.
please reply

Gusto responds:

Ron van den Beuken - Timeless

Thank you.

Damn man

The chill that that movie gave me have yet to go away, nice job.

Gusto responds:

:D hope it doesnt stay too lond