Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

I suppose

Ah Breathless matter cannot be created or destroyed however it can be changed. The big bang is just a way if putting it simpily in retrospect its really just there was a mold it was filled and this is what came out all in all good point the thesis may be off but no one is perfect.

Gusto responds:

yeah. sorry im no expert, I learned my whole astrophysics syllabus in 3 hours ;p

You tell him SpySweeper!

Hey, great

Just to say breathless, your a prick.
Your not watchin these flashes to debate on the origins of the universe and get all emotional an whiny about it.
Watch it for what it is, not whether it conforms to your views.

Gusto responds:


hey breathless!


Thanks stotty ;)

Not entertaining

Ok, who's to say that the big bang was the START of the universe? Most likely it was just the restarting of the universe, meaning the big bang has most likely happened before. Also, how do you that the universe began? Isn't is possible that it was always there? Science says that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

Another thing, time is a dimension, the fourth dimension, actually that is theory, but to say anything existed before time is not possible. Also, to exist outside of time is impossible, even in eternity, you are still living within time.

Anyway, it just wasn't entertaining, and I always think about these things, so it's nothing new. The music and spinning background was dumb also.

Gusto responds:

Sorry but you have me misunderstood.

I wasn't making any claims, I thought I made the uncertainties clear.

What I disliked in your review was how you went on making claims about time..

I was only suggesting, you are being a smartass :\

Now go and think some more you insignificant barbarian. Insignificant.. NOT meaningless, haha! not in your case, just kidding. sorry, bye

I liked it

i liked it i loved the music fit very well keep it up

Gusto responds:

Thanks for the quick review :) Glad you enjoyed the music!

Its by Ron van den Beuken


that was mindblowing, i don't know if your a good drawer or not, but i can see this work didn't take that long to make, and you haven't proven much about your skills in flash, but this work was very well set out, and something new to watch on NG. Overall I'm glad I watched it (Song was catchy) what's the name? you could at least give credit to the song artist (unless youv'e done that and I'm lazy to find out where.)

Gusto responds:

thank you
I'm not a good drawer
This work took me about 15 hours in total. About 5 hours can be counted off to the scripting which initially started the project (I was working with sound objects and queueing them etc.) After I decided to continue this, I actually just sat down and wrote out all the text and planned it out. Perhaps I haven't shown much flash skills, but they were the ones I currently have ;P Its always a learning process. I also just like to offer something different to the NG audience knowing that a lot of people wont like it.

I did give the artist credit, perhaps I should do so in the actual flash.

I always just give credit on the NG page: Audio Ron van den Beuken (Buy!)

Sorry about that, and thanks :)