Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


I can answer all those questions........just kiddin. But based on my religion I have a pretty good guess of what is out there.And how everything was made.

Gusto responds:

Im a non-beleiver so I cannot relate to you, and to add to that, im a pessimist! Which makes my future very bleak ;p

Good job

That was really awesome,i mean im always thinking about those things and u really got the feeling of that kind of idea.

Gusto responds:

How nice that you say I managed to capture the specific feeling which is accompanied with such toughts and ideas. :)


This is meaningful

I hardly ever come across something with a messege that gets to me. It's also the best animated flash I've seen today, and I really liked your music choice. I really liked what you did.

Gusto responds:

Thanks a lot david :D

Really glad you liked it so much! :)

Old stuff...

It was a great movie, but I've thought all that before. Anyways it made me think "What is the universium really?" again. Great musics and graphics. Also the preloader had a too big filesize.

Gusto responds:

Yeah, I had a lot of problems with the preloader. At first it didnt work because I had coded all the sound so that it would queue, using sound objects, and for some odd reason it would load them all before playing the preloader.. anyway..


Very enjoyable... It was a bit vague but short enough to hold my interest. And I love that song :). Thanks very much, keep making this kinda stuff

Gusto responds:

No, thank you very much :)

Glad I managed to hold your interest and that you enjoyed it :D