Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Blog + Jpeg != Flash

Jpegs powered by large pixels, a constantly rotating sun (I think?) and a marquee are not in the realm of good flash.

Maybe if it had animation, and something that went along with each line of text, then it would have been better. Unfortunately right now it's really lacking.


The animation was mediocre, but the text was pretty amusing, especially your use of the word "infinite" Whether you believe in the big bang or steady state seemed to be part of a theme. Sorry, I couldn't find your direction.

Gusto responds:

thanks for the honest review. Im not a very good animator, so I sometimes like to resort to such graphic based movies. didnt mean to amuse you :\


It was just a video loop with some words. No real meat here. I know some people think it has some meaning, but seriously, its just a loop with some images. Maybe high thinking and deep, but frankly not meant for here.

Gusto responds:

There was meat here, perhaps it was too raw for you :\

Whether its meant for here is up to the newgrounds public.

What a biff out man.

That was pretty decent at the start. Then that trance shit kicked in and it turned into nonsensical gibberish. What a biff-out. And to anyone who says "u just dont understand it's significance" needs a kick in the head. Like so. *WHATUMP*

Gusto responds:

ill make a hip-hop version for you bitch.

That was stupid.

Not really any entertainment value.