Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


I dont know why you have recieved such a great response from this movie. None of the questions (beyond comprehension) were very intresting or very thought provoking, I am sure that many of us have thought about these questions before seeing your flash, and if you have not I think you think about the meaning of it all sometime while laying in bed. Your flash wasnt that well done either It seemed to have like a opening to a website sort of feel to it rather then an animation; having that sort of feel is fine but I expect more from people who submit thought provoking idea's such as AlanTheBox and the creator of the Smile animation. The only thing I feel that went well with your animation is the sound, that song is truly a piece of art. If you want to discuss this further go ahead and IM me -sillyperson5098

Gusto responds:

Of course people have thought about these questions before my flash, and Im sorry I didnt manage to provoke any thinking for you, you're obviously better than 'us'. haha

But from seeing whats been on the frontpage sometimes, it can be easily said that anything is worthy.

I knew id have some reviews such as yours, and im sorry you didnt enjoy my flash.



Gusto responds:

That's right MidgetRapist!

Not entertaining

Ok, who's to say that the big bang was the START of the universe? Most likely it was just the restarting of the universe, meaning the big bang has most likely happened before. Also, how do you that the universe began? Isn't is possible that it was always there? Science says that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

Another thing, time is a dimension, the fourth dimension, actually that is theory, but to say anything existed before time is not possible. Also, to exist outside of time is impossible, even in eternity, you are still living within time.

Anyway, it just wasn't entertaining, and I always think about these things, so it's nothing new. The music and spinning background was dumb also.

Gusto responds:

Sorry but you have me misunderstood.

I wasn't making any claims, I thought I made the uncertainties clear.

What I disliked in your review was how you went on making claims about time..

I was only suggesting, you are being a smartass :\

Now go and think some more you insignificant barbarian. Insignificant.. NOT meaningless, haha! not in your case, just kidding. sorry, bye


that just plain sucked. the music sucked, though i'd say i'm biased towards techno. the graphics were alright.. and they were appropriate for the wording, i'll give you that.. but other then that, this "idea" has been done to death. we know that the universe is massive. we realize that nobody knows what happens after death or how existance itself was created. you're just saying something that has been pondered for generations. if this made anyone think, they must have never thought before.

i'm sure you've got potential, but perhaps you need to come up with something half original.


wow you suck

This is like the coolest project ever
You like, took some bad techno music, and like, with no flash skills whatsoever put all these like, crazy ideas that are like so groundbreaking I can't believe I like was on that thinking level when I was about like 9 years old

Yeah man! Utterly significant...I can like totally relate to bad grammer


\In`sig*nif"i*cant\, a. 1. Not significant; void of signification, sense, or import; meaningless; as, insignificant words.

you're a dumbass