Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"

ok, ill wright a real one....

Ok first off, your rapping is a thing that anything can do, and you rap in anything BUT the rythm of the song, when people listen to this song, im sorry but i just cant see the people who thinks ''wow this guy is the new eminem!'' i just wondered how this made the best track EVER on NG, because it is not really that good, dont take this the wrong way, im just trying to say that this is not all that good, a tip is to not TRY to scream when you rap, it sounds like your trying to play ''ghetto'' while you rap the pokerap, now i thought pokemon was pretty cool when it was new, but this song is not something that brings back good memories, this is something MAYBE a 2 year old would sing along to (if he could talk that is)

please NG, take this away from best ever, it is not all that good, listen to ''long way home'' or ''heaven rd2'' and ''heaven rd. 3'' cause THOSE are the ones that belong here!

a little extra tip is rythm, follow the rythm when you rap, that helps:)

i hope this helps you more than my other, blind rage. sorry...


sonicmega responds:

Much better :)

Well, to begin, please understand that I don't tell people to write reviews for my songs, I just respond to them. How people choose to react to what I produce is their choice and their choice only, and I shall act accordingly.

As for the "ghetto" addition, I apologize if it didn't work the way I intended, but it sounded flat just simply saying the names, so I wanted to add some gruffness to it.

The 2 year old comment is unnecessary. Don't do that. Same with asking NG to remove a submission or plugging other songs in your review. All bad ideas.

Lastly, I agree that I could have made a little more effort to follow the rhythm, but with all due respect there were some sections where keeping the names pronounced right was also just as difficult. Still, duly noted.

All that said, I still don't see how your review matches that of a 0 score, but I will accept it anyway. Just consider that what the author receives for his submission (in terms of reviews) is, to my knowledge, not a result of his telling people what to say.

if it's an atrocity then that's just your own view

i have a different view that says- "this song rocks my socks!" i'm a sucker for pokemon entries.

sonicmega responds:

I'm just happy that I worked all the kinks out, because I was scared to death that a single hard breath would ruin it all. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening in.

omg, wow

i can't rap that fast

sonicmega responds:

It's hard, very hard, especially when it comes to pronunciation. Don't think this took only 1 try, or even 10.

an atrocity

- poorly synchronized
- bad sounds
- bad rhythm
- pokemon rap

overall bad as hell


sonicmega responds:

I was about to respond under the guise of appreciating your honest analysis, but then I noticed the "pokemon rap" reason for a low rating. Secondly, you're not sorry at all, unless you were apologizing to yourself. You're just throwing "this sucks, that sucks" without elaborating on ANY of the reasons.

I AM sorry, however. Sorry that you haven't learned proper etiquette when leaving a constructive review. It may have pointed out what needs to be improved, but it's done nothing to suggest HOW it could be improved, so I can't gain anything from this.

awesome !

there isn't something better !

sonicmega responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a bunch for your support!