Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


number one on the front page. it earns its spot quite well. good job.

sonicmega responds:

Thanks a lot! It's only because of the support of the Newgrounds public that it got here. I'm just surprised how quickly that turned around...

For the younger generation

To be honest I didn't enjoy this myself (possibly because i'm 23 now) but have given the song a rating of 7/10 as I believe it was aimed more towards the younger generation, my brother of 7 years old started jumping up and down on the bed when this song came on so it does have some sort of appeal to kids (obviously I hit him over the head after a while because the squeaking of the bed springs was doing my head in)

* Maybe it should be number 1 as it has been aimed towards children (which in my mind is a nice thing to do)

* Didn't really enjoy the vocals on the song, the background riff was kind of catchy but I believe that to be a straight import from a Nintendo game

* Maybe I'm just annoyed because I spent a few months on my song, got the piano riff perfect and got my cousin to sing over the song using my newly bought 270 pound microphone.... And that's not number one yet LOL :)

Overall score 7/10 as it seems children will really enjoy this song.

P.S Have a listen to my song named "Final Goodbye (EQ)" Let me know what you think :P

sonicmega responds:

Oh wow, your younger brother reacted (positively) to the song? That's actually quite enticing for me, because having based my production off of the attention gained from the original Rap, I had hoped that it would be something kids would be able to enjoy.

You were right about the music being a direct import, by the way.

In any case, thanks for listening in, and tell Junior I said thanks for the appreciation!


that is so freakin crazy and awesome!

i hate purugly, it's a pain to beat.


sonicmega responds:

Sometimes I wonder if, after beating Purugly, my Pokemon LOSE experience from having to lay eyes on that beast.

Thanks for your vote!


Pretty catchy in a sense. I laughed, Even though I havent watched Pokemon in say, 7 years now. Still, you must have put a lot of effort in, But I'm sure you enjoyed making it. Good work.

sonicmega responds:

I DEFINITELY enjoyed making it, and abusive reviews will do nothing to change that. What's more important, however, is that you enjoyed LISTENING to it, because music isn't about the artist, it's about the listeners. :)

Epic. Just epic.

This is awesome! :D
At the end.. you woulda yelled - I LIKE MUDKIPS or Mudkips are FTW :D
at the end :D

sonicmega responds:

Sorry man, this was meant to be a serious submission, so throwing in meme references wouldn't have helped the cause. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it without the additions you suggested!