Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"

I'd like to know...

I liked it but...
Do all those pokemon already exist?

sonicmega responds:

Yup! Those are the names of every single Pokemon added in the Sinnoh Region, or more specifically, into the Diamond and Pearl versions of the game.

Cool rap ( a bit freak XD )

Very funny :D, i like it

sonicmega responds:

Thanks a bunch! Hopefully the freaky aspect didn't ruin it too much for you!


But Pokemon? I mean c'mon.
Anyways, this song was awesome, keep up the good work.

sonicmega responds:

Well, with all due respect, the request was brought up to me by a fellow Newgrounder, and so I decided to give a shot. I was simply working with the resources I had the guidelines I was given.

Thank you for your support, all the same!


It was good if you like it but its not my style of song. Good work.

sonicmega responds:

Understandable! Not everyone will be impressed by this, but at least you took the time to express your opinion. I respect you for that.


That was Amazing! Sweet Work!
Did you actually manage to memorize all there names?

sonicmega responds:

After having recorded this so many times, it's gotten bad enough to the point where I can recite this entire piece to myself without music or a beat to do it to. I don't know whether this is the magic of the mind, or simply me going insane. Let's hope it's the former.