Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


I liked the real one better, but you have some voice skills

why is this the best of all time with a 2.70?

sonicmega responds:

At the moment when the weekly Top 5 were announced (12:00 Wednesday), the song had a score of 4.71 - once the list is updated, all songs on it remain in that position until the next week.

That said, thanks for enjoying yourself!

Oh christ....

I can't even review this seriously. I think fulp is trolling us.

Anyway, it's offbeat, and there's no clear rythm. Or rhyme just a bunch of random names in no order. Overall, it phails.

sonicmega responds:

The ENTIRE thing is offbeat? If yes, then you're lying. If no, you're exaggerating.

In any case, this is not a troll, it's very, very real, so I apologize that you had to "put up with it". However, just allow me to say I would have taken your review more seriously if you had bothered to use correct spelling.

Just a thought.

Just... didnt like it...

Not really for me. As said before, the music was very simple. It was kinda annoying to listen to. Your voice didnt quite match up to the music, it sounded slightly offbeat.
I suppose the other thing that made me hate this... is... i HATE pokemon.


sonicmega responds:

Well, I appreciate your honesty in your review, but in the future try not to let your feelings towards a show or game affect your view on a submission. Or at least, don't show it openly.

Thanks for your input!


Its cool that you made a new pokerap, but that doesn't mean it deserves this kind of attention. The music is incredbily simple and poorly made, its like bad 16 bit music. Your voice really isn't fitting for the part, as your voice is obnoxious to listen to as opposed to fun, on top of sounding rushed and forced. Really, this song sounds terrible, and its a shame that this made best of the week.

sonicmega responds:

It made best of the week because of the votes of those who saw it before the tallies were counted, so you have only yourself to blame for not "degrading" it if you are going to exclaim that. The music was not made by me, but I apologize for not choosing a better selection.

Lastly, I don't think it's a shame that it's featured, I just wish not so many people would waste reviews railing me for the fact that it is. Not meaning you, my good sir, but in general.


Personally, I didn't like it, but it's evident of the effort that was put in. Free 5 for you.

sonicmega responds:

The 5 may not do much realistically, but spiritually it means a lot. Thanks very much!