Reviews for "Davedreams"


music seems familiar, and works great with the theme of the piece. great unique animation, and the grayscale adds awsome style. love your work, just put you on my favorite authors list.

((( COOL ART )))

Your art style is cool, very talented, i like the black n white style, it gives it that dream feel, animation was decent, and the son was just the right touch, it all came together, nice work, hope to see more soon...


Good, which surprises me

After watching, rating, and reviewing "interno/inferno" as crap, I was convinced that any submission by Sundial would be equally dissapointing. How he can make such a ridiculously bad Flash, and move on to this, fascinates me.

Complete awsomness

best movie ever

Sundial responds:

JOHNNY!!!!!!!! Hey man, I'm glad to see you reviewing my movie. You should start doing flash animations, bud. We could team up and make some awesome movies. What do you say, John? Anywho, Thanks for all the 10's! I'm glad you liked the movie. Say hello to the family for me. Peace.


Nice job, I'll beh sayin' tho I did not actually watch the movie! But thats bein' of theh irrelivancy from here on so I'll just beh takin' mah leave now!

Grayson The Jamaican