Reviews for "Davedreams"

this really deserves the hight mark it has

this is one of the few things on newgrouns thts is clever and not just a stupi movie where every 1 dies i like this very uch good consept good music animation drain all in all a masterpiece best om newgrounds.


way to work with the music

What? More than a meaning?

Simple concept - I liked it.

But, perhaps it is just my warped mind... but dreams of flying and weightlessness are supose to be the minds way of showing, or relieving Sexual Frustration. Normally, wet dreams occur afterwards... again... I saw some other symbolic moments to support this. I won't warp your creation much further.

Excellent piece of work

Like so many have said before me, this is an excellent movie/video. The music is without a doubt what brings it all together though, you made an excellent choice. My question for you is whats the name of the song though? I saw up on the list that you have it being credited to James Horner and Giulio Caccino, but do you have a name or can you tell me where you got it from. I would appreciate it greatly, as I could see myself using it for different movies (live action) that I make....

Anyways, kudos to you for making something so different than what you always see here at newgrounds, and making an overall great scene to watch...


This is an absolute masterpiece. It's not your typical NG toon, I'll say that much, but as far as animation goes, this is brilliant. The music choice was perfect, everything was well laid-out and it builds and builds, very climactic. Well deserving of the front page!