Reviews for "Davedreams"


wow i have no clue how or y but i completly understand that.

pretty good

love the concept of the flash. music got a lil bit annoying but it was ok thoe.


I loved it. The whole concept was one that I think many people can relate to. The dream of flying by your own sheer will. I love the way you used a grey-scale to create your movie, it made the environment feel very dark and boring, but then that man started dreaming. Who hasn't had that dream at one point of their life? Flying is such a symbolic thing, representing freedom and happiness. You did a wonderful job of expressing how that freedom feels, it was almost as if the character was not in black and white but in vibrant colors. Thank you very much for creating such a good piece of flash artwork.


Great idea, but got boring. I know you can do better.

Great Work

God damn man...you realy liked Donnie Darko. Anywho, good work, this is the sort of stuff I would like to see more of on Newgrounds. Dick humor and cartoon porn can only go so far.