Reviews for "Davedreams"

I spent hours looking for this!

I remember watching this a couple years ago, and thinking it was the greatest thing I've ever laid eyes on. Sixth months after that I wanted to see it again but I couldn't remember the name! I made a few threads looking for it and did some searches but all to no avail. I relunctantly gave up my search. About a month ago I remembered and decided to look for it once more. Again, I made a few threads and did some searches and turned up with nothing. I figured it was not meant to be.

Then, yesterday I remembered yet again. With a few hours to kill I said what the hell? I'll go through every submission thats ever won a weekly award. I went through all the 1st placers and thought you may have removed it. But then I had a revelation! I could see the front page of past dates using archive.org! I went through them all, but sadly whatever week you had you were on was cut off. So distraught I gave up for the day.

So I'm bored again today, so I decide to revive the search. This time I go through other categories. Its really frustrating thinking you've found a title that will be it only to realise you had the same thought two years ago. So anyway I'm going through them, and finally I found it after 3 categories and hours of searching! This was my moment of truth, my time to watch my favorite flash of all time, and... It was ok. Man, I wish I didn't have to spend so much time looking for it. Maybe then I could've appreciated it more. Anyways, good flash, I give it an 8/10.

ohhhhhhh AND it's in widescreen!

I love everything about it. Cool message, the artwork is unique. And I forgot how much I love the soundtrack for A Beautiful Mind! Well done.

artistic, abstract, beautifull, deserves money

this is so great, i love this music, and the way the whole animation flowls and surges like energy, or like riding down a river...

so beautiful, so beautiful


It's good to see movies on newgrounds that aren't just mindless killing, not that I don't like them, but it's nice for a change. The animation/art was different and a bit weird, but it was still good. The music suited this movie very well, and it was done it black and white(well you would know that seeing you made it lol) which suited this movie very well. The backgrounds were weird, but still good.

Well done.

This made me think about... nevermind. All that matters it was fantastic! BRAVO! Let me give you... nevermind.