Reviews for "Davedreams"

original and predictable

and fucking brilliant. well done.


This reminds me of the short story "an occerance at owl creek bridge". As the story goes dated in civil war period, a union soldier is about to be hanged off a bridge by confederate soliers, before this happens the noose breaks and he falls into the river and makes a myraculous escape away from danger. He travels back many miles to his cabin where he is greeted eccstaticly by his wife and children and when he is about to touch her he dies, and we are takin right back to the bridge where he is now dead, and his body hangs off the bridge (his last second revolation is mearly a daydream). This Flash is just like it, and of course its sad but its reality. Also very good idea at using the bicentenial man soundtrack, (I reconized it immidietly from the begining of the movie). As for the humor i gave you a ten, why because it was ironic humor not laugh humor. Very nice

This movie has some serious value.

At first i watched this movie without realizing anything i just watched it and judged it for what i saw which i figured was nothing much. Then i watched it a second time and realized this movie had some real artistic value towards it now im not sure if thats what the creator was going for, whether he was or not it was a very we'll done piece and it deserves the highest score i can give. I only wish there was a rating category for creativity cause this is what creativity is.

Great Movie

Original idea, the graphics were decent at best, but the music and everything else flowed perfectly. By the way, the music is from A Beautiful Mind, not Donnie Darko.


for the guy who thinks the music sounded familiar, you've probably seen donnie darko.
nice movie, a bit boring .