Reviews for "Davedreams"

I love this crap!

This was a great serious flash. I found it to be somewhat predictable (the second the fantasy sequence starts you know that the movie will end with a return to reality), but it still was very entertaining. A good, realistic message about blue collar labor. I think we all feel this way sometimes.

loved every second of it...

this is one of those movies that make me shiver. and i like it!

p.s. i'm making a real video movie today with music from your movie and i'll send you the link when the movie is finished. it's a short one, only 3min's.

Nice, havnt seen any like that in a while

I liked it, you should continue doing that sort of animations, dont listen to those people who put this movie down either, they just like violent stuff....Good job

pay no mind to the fools.

Im sure it goes without saying, but i hope you dont pay any attention to all the infintile fools who post in l337 or broken speech calling you gey and downing the music. well done, perfect choice for soundtrack.

um ya ok

ya it makes sence but......there was no point on making it.