Reviews for "Davedreams"


I love your style. I really got into this move. I actually smiled when he got out of the factory. I can totally relate to his day dream. I do that all the time at school. I look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks for the entry. Toothfairy

cant explain why but it is great

especially the music!

This was great.

This was a very good flash. The music was absolutely beautiful. A lot of people watched this and said that it "sucked", but we all know that the only way you keep these people happy is by putting naked woman or Michael Jackson jokes in your flash. Great job! I hope to see more of your works.


*sniff* that was just what i needed, the camre angles was perfect! the music fitted it so well, this was a movie that doesnt need to be a hero or a couple of numbnuts talking shit. this was perfect. its a 6/5. This is what makes newgrounds a good site. AAW! I LOVED IT!!! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS GOOD MOVIE!
allthough, you could make a more detailed animating.. that's all. thanks.

god damn this was good

Felt like I was watchin a real movie. Nice way you framed out each of the scenes. Nice simulated camera angles. You know what your doing. You showed us this, now everyone is going to wan't more.