Reviews for "Davedreams"


it reminds me of my very first job at 15...... all i did was announce things on a speaker, all 10s buddy!

That was awesome!

I don't even know what to offer as advice. I guess the movements were a little robotic like some other people have said, but I didn't care. The animation was very well done, the music was perfect, I even got a laugh out of it when Dave imagined he was Superman. I added this to my favorites, which is very rare for me. I hope that you continue making flash movies like this one!

Dude, sweet!!

Very awesome, the music really came through!
The black and white really matched this movie, it was cool to see that super guy as only a simple worker pressing on a button :)

not bad

it wasn't bad, the music went well with it though. good job.


Your a nerd, you remind me of a stupid kid i knew in school, same type of artwork. makes me sick.