Reviews for "Found Lost"

At last I understand!

Pretty short game. When I was a few years younger, I thought this was the darkest, scariest flash game ever. And then I played Exmortis. I was finally able to stride through this game confidently, and found out just how short it was. I had beaten it before, just zooming through it with a walkthrough and thinking of it as too short. But the backstory made up for it. So, good work!

Damn creepy

Yeah, it was really creepy, and I was't able to finish it but yeah it was creepy.

Nice game!

What else ya got?

My first experience on this site. Interesting to play but only contained one puzzle and I don't feel like I solved a mystery. I hope the games get better.

its terrific, i like your dress up games better

nice evects though it gave me the shivers, shakes, and goosebumps.
your dress up is better


aa creepy?!