Reviews for "Found Lost"

Intense game

So this was an intense game you really made for a fun story too this one was jam packed with lots of fun ideas I really liked it so nice work

No changes on this fun game



for such a simple game, the story sure makes itself known. I like how the game is different from all the rest of the point and click games where there are tons of puzzles and inventories and such, and instead focused on the story that it was trying to tell.

I was quite impressed by this! I admit that I'm not into point and click adventure games, but this was really flashy. Well, it set the mood perfectly. It was so nice to see the little details. You really were unraveling a mystery here. I just don't understand why you didn't have an inventory.

I guess you didn't need one. The sounds were certainly spooky. I just liked looking in all the rooms. Journals are always well detailed in games. Still mostly TLDR.

Pretty good especially for 2003

...Unfortunately, many texts about objects of detection can`t automaticaly close thyself - and they are can be a some problem in time of search of other objects (they must close themself after a few seconds!) .
...I hope, that one day this problem will be fixed . In all other things , I like this very well made game .

EhFilms responds:

I made this so long ago (when I was temporarily wheelchair bound due to a drunk driver). It's over 10 years old, so there won't be any updates. I'm glad anyone liked this at all... thanks!