Reviews for "Found Lost"

Good scary flash game. Needs little improvement though. 3/5

It reminds me of Resident Evil the way doors are opened. The flashlight effect is really nice, and there's a sense of suspense and mystery hanging in the air all the way through, even when nothing happens. I kind of expect something to pop up even when I'm not doing anything, and the noises really strengthen that effect... though it seems like nothing ever does happen unless you move around. The graphics could've been spookier, but the gameplay otherwise is really good. Looking forward to more like this!


I totally knew about that painting behind the locked door. it was rumored to be haunted,,,that the boy and the doll would move around, and step out the painting. nice lil fun fact.

annnnyway, the games pretty awesome but thank god you told how to get in that door...wouldnt have thought of that...


Freaky and creepy. I like it %u2665


i liked this game just curious though, what does the tape say exactly? i could understand some of it but not all of it.