Reviews for "Found Lost"

awsome! but...

what song played when you read the intro?
anyway one of the best horror games

In the spirit of Poe...

...a short and suspenseful masterpiece. Brilliantly done. Got anything like this forthcoming...?

...Please...? Pretty please? (^D

Oh my god I remember this movie.

This movie scared the shit out of me when I got to the casset tape. * I'm still shaking right now just looking at this game. Man for a girl you know how to make scary shit.

keeps getting better

everytime i play this =) reminds how good i had it back in 2003

it was ok

i liked it, but you've made this really interesting story>that no one gets until they read its ending in the credits..
maybe next time (?) u could make the story a bit more "cemented" into the gameplay, and perhaps ad more puzzles??
like exmortis or sumthing ^^
but for the rest>> kudo's