Reviews for "Found Lost"


omg wow. That actually had me freightened there. This is an amazing game!


I cant stop thinking that a monster will pop when I play

fuckin A!!!!!

dude.... im sooo fuckin jumpy its pathetic.... that scared the shit out of me..... AAHHHH DUDE!! well done....

Freaky and compelling

It was nice it was dark freaky and all you expect a happy twist but get only a nightmarish end. But without knowing how to start the sequence I would have been lost. Dear maker could next game you just make it so I can click it all and it all works. Thanks

wow nice...

i really liked it, i wish it was longer and there was more to do...maybe you could make an extended version!!! that would be awesome. it did give a creepy vibe too *shivers* i loved it..wish it was longer though :(