Reviews for "Found Lost"


best dam haunted game ever! the picure of the dead red person in the mior was a litle creepy but not much


Oh gosh... I played this game like 2 times, and it's still creepy!

Excellent story, and good animation!

Great job! Congratulations ~ :3


it had an awsome storyline i couldnt stop playing until i finished! but it sucks once you play it once because you just have to click the 11 and play the cassette. and for the guy below me there is a story button at the bottom of the credit screen

absolutly amazing

jesus crist it took me about 70 times b4 i cud actually clear the game coz i was that scared lol. But i throt it was a brill game but i dint get the strory of how it happened can any1 help me on that?


Great game! Oh and to everyone asking the beging song is one of the themes to "Resident Evil"!