Reviews for "Found Lost"

Where did my heart go?

I knew it was in my chest before.. Wait it jumped out of my chest! *dies*

I cant play it... Open your mind...

this game kicks ass

email me at boobmaster_8@hotmail.com if you are going to make a second one and it is one of the best games i have ever tried made from a female and some males

Wow... Interesting

That was an interesting game. I gotta give you credit for making all those creepy noises, and it fits well with the game.. Yea, it would have been better if there was no ending, and a sequel to the game. Other than that, just creepy!!!

Damn good

That was gr8 it had a awsome ending and the explanation at the end was cool

Keep it up

Hands Resist Him

I've done a little research behind the second, more creepy, painting and I believe it is called "Hands Resist Him." It's kinda creepy and not something I would want with me, but still... If someone else wants to look it up its really cool, and if you find any relavent information about it e-mail me cause I'd like to know more about this painting other than "It's haunted and supposedly moves..." Sirrus199@yahoo.com good luck guys.