Reviews for "Found Lost"

good job .

fopr being a woman is very good. you have all my support go girl!!!

this is...

ok this is fucking creepy!!!

look at the stories in the credits

in the lower right hand corner of the credits screen there sumthin that say "story" click that and u shuld understand the plot of the game, am i rite author.


Creapy. Did u get this idea off "Alone in the dark" ?

You go, girl! >.<

I've had the Hands painting as my desktop for a while without really knowing what it was, I just liked that lovable eerieness.

No doubt you've improved within 4 years since this, I hope you make another one!

***Also, What was the signifigance of the potted plants?

EhFilms responds:

Thanks for liking this. I made it years ago when I was stuck in a wheelchair for a while because of a drunk driver. I'm sure I could have put even more time into this, but it was really meant as something to take my mind off the pain I was in.

The potted plants are a reference to the Resident Evil games. Those messed up locations always had some very well kept plants in strange places... how helpful. :)