Reviews for "Found Lost"


I loved it!! I don't really know what the end tape was saying but it was still awesome, nicely done, nicely done!!


do me a faver and tell me what the end tape is saying,all i heard was open your mind at the end. u did great but way 2 short.
btw it has some scary parts and a cool mysterey,awsome!

Short, creepey, sucked at the end, but was ok...

It is defanetly a creepy game but some of the messages get in the way & it would be nice to have an invatory or not be able to continue without geting several things first like in other games. It also seemed a little short & a little messed up how you end up dieing at the end... when I started playing it gave me the feeling that if I lingered in one area too long I might have died... It was pritty good, but hopefully next game you make will be longer and have more options.


You are a great artist, and this is a great game. I just wish I would stop playing scary games when I really have to go to the bathroom! God, the hands freaked me out..

still scary

i played this back in 03 and thought it was scary....and it still is now lol