Reviews for "Found Lost"

Woah Good job designing games but it is creepy!!

Good game designing, and yay I female artist made this game. But ooooh this is creepy and I only played 50 seconds or 1 minute of this game!! Good job!!

I remember playing this when I was about 10

Still creepy as all hell too! It seems I don't grow up much :P good for playing at night!

good start, let down by the ending

I like the idea and it started really well, i was completely confused but i was really getting into it and then *that * ending. Cool idea but the ending let it down completely.
Also the notes that come up when you click on an item are really annoying when they block out the others but thats just me being picky.

Need More Practice

You don't need a whole lot but you need to work on making Flash Games. Mostly a sign that shows you have the arrow on something it needs to be on or an Inventory.

Hopefully your next game will be better.


That's a really creepy game!! Good job on this game, girl!