Reviews for "y my 6th movie"

This was a fun game.

This game was very fun. I enjoyed killing those zombies. The music also went well with this game. I'm gonna play part two right now.

Violet-AIM responds:


nice job

When I clicked on the keys, the goatse an popped out and killed me :*(

Violet-AIM responds:

Ya know...I'm not going to review your movies, not unless I come across it by accident, even though before I wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. Truce. And Goodbye.

Dosn't work

I would've givin you a higher rating but the damn gun dosn't work... and if it took you that much kb to make a game like THAT i think you should remake it... really

But I'm not a coward.

For some reason, the zombies don't seem to react when I draw my gun and shoot them. In fact, when I try to shoot them, nothing happens at all. I think you need to fix the targeting engine because nothing seems to happen when I try to shoot them. Fix it. NOW!

The zombies seem friendly to me. In fact, it looks like they just want a hug.


what a fantastically gay game. this makes me want to punch something. why didnt you make a second key you door slammer