Reviews for "y my 6th movie"


The game was definitely beyond most of the other flashes here, just beat part 1 and am about to move on to part 2, the amount of effort placed into it must be nearly staggering, your password is cute. :)

I just don't...

...seem to be able to get into this game. I tried. I just didn't like this. sorry.


good work i liked it, the previous person gave you a 5 so i thought this game would be bad but i liked it, good work, imma go play number 2 now

Shitty game!!!!!!!!!!!1

this game sucks man. how do you get the keys in the hall? I get stuck after i kill the first zombie! Sorry, but i recommend sticking to something ur better at.

Violet-AIM responds:

This is SAD....you were NEVER able to get into that locked bedroom?!! Okay, I think you're the 4th person who couldn't find the key!! And of course, each time, I give the ANSWER, so if you're stuck, why didn't you read the reviews, you would've found the answer there. You call this a "shitty game", well who are you to judge, when you're too STUPID to pass the first part of my game. You might've liked it if you got past that point. Don't blame my game for your own stupidity. Also, most people complain that the game is too easy, BOY what a MORON you must be. Why don't YOU stick to something your good at, such as fucking yourself. Why don't you try to make a game yourself, oh ya, it's cause you're a MORON,hahaha.

good game

i like the game the graphics were better then what i could do. the only downside to the game is i couldn't figure out how to use the guns i tried pushing spacebar and clicking the mouse. and im pretty sure i need to put the ammo in them but i don't know how. DAMN GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks for liking the graphics. About using the gun, you can either click on the gun or hit the spacebar. Of course, it only works at the right time, when you're given the command to start killing him. You have to wait til the zombie comes up to you first. I did the "timing" thing just to make it not so easy. You don't need to load the ammo, just click on the gun in the inventory of items, then a hand holding a gun should pop up. Glad you enjoyed it.