Reviews for "y my 6th movie"


that was really awsome the best part was when i was being chaced that was funny when is furby attack 3 coming out great job bye

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks for reviewing hellomikie92. Glad you liked it. I don't know when Furby Attack 3 will come out. I seem to busy with other projects for now, but who knows, I might come back and conclude it someday. :)


It was ok. I just got annoyed with the keys.

Violet-AIM responds:



It was good til the part when they key dont work...

Violet-AIM responds:

The 1st set of keys is for the car. You need to find the hidden key behind the red/yellow painting, look for it with your mouse.


it'd be cool if you could get hte key for the bedroom door, it doesn't seem to be working, might be something you want to look into.

Violet-AIM responds:

the key is hidden behind the red/yellow painting on the wall. Sorry for the late reply, I don't check my older movies that often.

good but...

were do u get the key for the bedroom
after u kill the first zombie?

Violet-AIM responds:

The key for the bedroom is behind the red/yellow painting, it might be on the corner I think. Sorry for the late reply... haven't checked this in a while.