Reviews for "y my 6th movie"

not good

this game was not good. The style was horriable, bu the graphics were nice, but next time when i need a game that will lift my spirits i'll look away from this movie. (work on how fast you die.)

fucking good!

it was a great game,but it was a little hard for me to find that key and kill thoses zombies i wish you wouldnt die so fast and make the battles longer

well hmm alright

this wasn't too bad... the character graphics weren't horrible but I certainly would have liked more detail in the terrain. Ah yeah and I thought it was kinda dumb how you had to pick everything up to move on... railroading is what we call that! overall good.

Zombie stabbing fun

i dug this game a lot. little bit of everything, that was really cool. i've never played resident evil, but maybe i will now. keep em comin violet, youre movies are always cool.


This game did not respond well with my mouse or keyboard. i kept being killed when i was clickin on the weapons. not sure what that means. well either way the graphics were kinda cool but overall not that great of a game.