Reviews for "y my 6th movie"

Damned impressive.

Wow, I really liked it. I mean, there were zombies, which are always cool, guns, which rule, and there is a part two. Good job.

Wow, that was not worth the wait at all

sound screwed everything up, and no real strategy involved, u told us exactly wut 2 do. and shooting the badly drawn zombies was way 2 easy. Im sorry but this was one of the worst game's i've ever played on Newgroundsonly when CONSIDERING the loading time.

Loved it

This was the best I have seen from you yet everything went well together , dont listen to the others who dont even have flash movies or do they. The monsters voice was perfect also well anyways cant wait to see more, and besides you had 2 movies make the top 5 when does that ever happen, well im just another fan wishing i had your great talent well maybe soon yeah right it will take me a long ass time hehe i had fun watching it anyways, I will be looking for more great films by you.....

not too bad, not too good...

It had some nice parts (plot, interactivity, sounds) and some less-good parts (drawnings, controls, animation). The looping song was annoying too... it broke the atmosphere completly... Anyway, while it may be a little rough around the edges, it still kicks the crap out of most movies on the portal.

There was one problem

The only thing that pissed me off is I have a Slow
300mhz or something like that its a laptop
I wish I was at home
but here is the problem when there was 3 zombies I gave up then I was mad that I gave up so I replayed when I got to that part I couldent beat it then I right clicked put quality as low and then it took 1 try to beat it I saw the gun had moved I couldent see it before it looked like it was in the same spot witch then skrewed it up cause my computer was to slow
so if you have a 350 or below and cant beat that part lower the qaulity
By the way Great Game

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Newg rounds would suck with 56k or below Get cable or Dsl and then NG Rules

Violet-AIM responds:

Actually, I have a 56K modem, and the game works fine for me. I'll tell you how to make the shooting part easier...you can just hit spacebar if you don't want to click exactly on the shotgun. Spacebar is the "easy" option for people who hate having to click on their weapons as it moves. If you're clicking with your mouse, you have to wait for the right time to shoot the 3 zombies, like when the shotgun points at each one, then you shoot. Thanks for the "10" and nice review.