Reviews for "y my 6th movie"

pretty good

You could give it a better name than "Y my 6th movie" that's gay

not bad, infact i think ill play it again.........

it was good, but it got a bit boring after a while, but still a good try!

Good stuff

There are some minor flaws here (I'm still not sure what "zombie energy" means) and the graphics don't compare to your later work, but this game is actually quite enjoyable. Randy Solem is one of the best NG artists, and his suggestion to make a zombie game was a great one.

Violet-AIM responds:

What zombie energy? Oh, you mean how you had to kill the zombie. I guess according to the typical zombie theory, all you really have to do is kill a zombie in the head, but then that would be too easy, so then I gave the zombie an energy bar.

I had a couple problems

First I wish I could have gotten the knife sooner. My biggest complaint is the weapon wielding. once I release the zomibe I should be able to wield the weapon and load it. It made it a little harder that I had to wait for the zombies to get on top of me to do that. Once I adapted to that I was able to make it through to the end.

Violet-AIM responds:

Basically it was about clicking the mouse fast or clicking the spacebar fast. Of course this game has it's problems, but I'm not gonna bother to make improvements to this, but let it rest in peace. Definitely, the reason why I put this game aside, on the way bottom.

y did you make this?

i gived you teh overall 1 for your effort, and the 10 for humor cause it looked funny. HAR! HAR!