Reviews for "y my 6th movie"

Its ok

better than what i can do ^^

25k How?

This is bad. Blatant and directly, just bad. Nothing is good in it, not the interface, not the graphics ingame, NOT THE MUSIC OR SOUND, nothing. The repetative zombie moans forced me to turn my sound off after 2 seconds of death. The simple "Mouse-over stuff to win!" gameplay died with parachute pants and saved by the bell. This looks like something I made in 4th grade and I'm suprised this god awful monstrosity made it this far. 25k views? Amazing...

nice try

it was too easy, the music was annoying. Try making it something like "Doors" a game which ug to to find items to get out of the house. that game is more creepy then this game

great game

to the guy that revied last the next part is called y my 7 movie
great game the pass betelguese or somthing


Great game, bad name, though. If you've submitted part two, or when you do, what is its name?