Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

Very nice

Very promising series. Can't wait for #5.


dude that was fuked up!(in a good way). may i ask what you were smokin when you made this? damn that was sweet! make more!

Absolutely incredible.

Exceptional work. I have seen very few people that are as capable of manipulating flash in such an awe inspiring manner. This is easily the best flash animation that I've seen on newgrounds or anywhere else for this matter.

All I have to say is, What the fuck was that!

I didn't get one bit of that movie, I didn't understand what it was.

However it was amazing grafics, animation and sound so I gave it a 9. The minus one cause I didnt get it.

they get better and better...

this is definitely my favorite one thus far... amazing. :)