Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

thank you

Thank you. I love Marcus Peblo. I feel that it is the best thing on newgrounds. I'm sorry that things (and I stress the word "things" like Keeblur are keeping Marcus Peblo off of the top 50. Thanks for this breathtaking submission. I hope to see lots more in the future.

~Fire Sonata~


EXCELLENT JOB! That is definatly some awesome animation up there. Of course the story is an enigma, but who the hell cares!? Most movies on NG have no plot. This movie had so much more! Keep it up!

P. S.- ANYONE who says this movie sucked because of the graphics ought to shut the hell up. (Not like anyone will, I'm just defending it, really.)


oh what ho! what a capital idea

Good shit....

..immpressive stuff, but someones got to teach masterstump how to spell!

Now THIS is some talent!!

Fuck man! This beats the goddamn hell outta the Will AssStamper bullshit where he's gotta fake his own death to draw attention to himself. Whoever made this should get the hell outta flash and make realy movies