Flow Runner

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Distance 1 10 Points

Travel at least 1 kilometer in a single run.

Hoarder 1 10 Points

Hoard at least 100 gold in a single run.

Level Up! 10 Points

Level up at least once.

Distance 2 25 Points

Travel at least 2 kilometers in a single run.

Hoarder 2 25 Points

Hoard at least 200 gold in a single run.

Distance 3 50 Points

Travel at least 3 kilometers in a single run. You are officially good at the game.

Hoarder 3 50 Points

Hoard at least 300 gold in a single run. You're either too good, or too frugal.

Level Max! 50 Points

Level up to level 3.

Author Comments

An endless runner where you avoid spikes, pits, slimes, and even birds. Stop by the shop once in a while to grab a snack to help you keep running. Make sure you don't get knocked off screen or lose too much of your health, otherwise game-over. Keeping track of your stamina is probably a good idea.

Space / Xbox A: Jump. Tap again to double jump.
C / XBOX X: Dash. Hold to Glide.
X / XBOX B: Dive

Itch.io version:
Kongregate version: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Amnimatic/flow-runner

My Twitter (where you can see stuff in-development): https://twitter.com/Amni3D

EDIT: Front Page is something I wasn't expecting. Thanks peeps, really.

|||UPDATE 6|||
-Slimes are less frequent
-Level up cost has been reduced from 125 to 85
|||UPDATE 5|||
-Xbox controller support
-A medal bug has been fixed where medals wouldn't unlock if you died soon after unlocking them.
|||UPDATE 4|||
-Fixed a bug where medal notifications would keep repeating endlessly
|||UPDATE 3|||
-Slimes move 20% slower now
-Fixed a medal unlock related bug where if you unlocked a medal and had a connection issue, you could no longer unlock that medal.
|||UPDATE 2|||
-Added fisheye effect slider in options. Default is much more toned down than the original version.
|||UPDATE 1|||
-Removed fisheye effect
-Reduced Level Up bottle price from 175 to 125

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I can't see anything

Amni3D responds:

I can't do anything if you aren't more specific.
Drop specs, show a screenshot, anything to help figure out what's up. I can't fix it if I can't replicate the issue. The specific build that has been up for months has been running fine for a variety of machines.

In addition, check back during the weekend. I'll probably upload a desktop build just in case of a browser incompatibility. I might also make a mini update to the webgl build and see if that helps.

EDIT: Added an Itch.io version in the description (with a desktop download). Try it out now.

I somehow am experiencing a bug where I can't see anything

Amni3D responds:

Have no clue, and this is the first I've heard of that. Like the game just loads, and it doesn't display anything? No error, as in it fully loaded? If you want me to fix it, I'll need more info to work with. So anything helps, like

-What machine, what web browser
-Check if other web games have this issue. Specifically check Unity WEBGL games in Newgrounds and see if there's an issue there.

By the way, if you're using a web browser like Brave, a massive majority of web games just won't run unless you give the site explicit permission, but past that it can work fine.

Could be a plugin blocking certain content. Try on a vanilla version of Microsoft Edge or Firefox and see what's up there, worst case scenario. I'll likely make an offline build soon enough and link it in the description just in case something went wrong loading it on a web browser.

Feels like a rather difficult endless runner since you can't touch anything. Fun game but taking damage for jumping on the blobs makes no sense.

Amni3D responds:

Agreed, the slime's enemy design is bad all around; patterns unpredictable, and impossible to beat. Was a late and rushed addition since I thought it needed enemy variety.

A lot of the game design here I don't agree with. I think I had ideas that could've been done much better in all aspects (shop, leveling system, stamina usage, enemy design, camera, level design, progression done right, moveset). Some time I might touch on it again, an update couldn't fix my personal issues with this game. Wasted potential, but it's needed to learn. I'm glad you found fun despite that!

Nice game, brings back memories of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Amni3D responds:

Thanks! It's a very obvious inspiration here.

this is better than alot of the infinite runners I've played

Amni3D responds:

I took a lot of inspiration from existing flash endless runners. One of the ideas I really wanted in was the ability to be knocked back but not immediately game over.

I think that while this game's design isn't refined and I only found out what I really wanted it to be after I finished it, I'm a fan of a bunch of flash endless runner games and wanted a bit of that in there, even if a little.

If you want to play another endless runner, check out spin sprint orange.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2019
7:05 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Unity