Reviews for "Flow Runner"

super game, thanks for making it. the momentum feels really enjoyable when you get a good rhythm going. i get a head rush from going really fast and skipping a whole hill of procedural shit only to land into a green launcher and keep it going.

both characters were charmingly written despite the small wordcount. i accidentally clicked on something to buy it without the money necessary and the old man put it on the house. thanks old man. i think that was a really well-thought out addition and it conveys that you know how to bend typically rigid rules on games like this when necessary, that is a really good quality to have as a game dev i feel. jumping over him when you don't want to buy to keep your speed up was also satisfying.

the birds are a good enemy. they're telegraphed and you can probably dodge them on the first try (important) no matter what your momentum level is as long as you have some juice in the tank. good job on the birds. i don't know why i like them so much but they made an impression on me lmao

the slimes are comparatively not good for a few reasons. they come with no warning, and sometimes nothing you can really do but get hit by them. a visual indicator before they are a threat, like a "heads up" ping on the right or a wooden signpost showing slimes ahead would do it. i felt like i saw fewer of them as we leveled up which was nice, and helped with level 3's pacing. in addition, in level 1 the issue is sometimes you're doomed to lose hp to the slime no matter what you do if their jump cycle is perfectly in synch with the jump you would need to hop over them.

here are two things i would do to fix this:
1. the slime warnings would let you know that you need to jump up high and potentially double jump over them
2. implement some way to combat them when your character is on level ground with them. maybe a Crash Bandicoot-like slide kick could punt them off into the distance or slap them into the screen when you press the Dash button on the ground.

you mentioned you probably aren't revisiting this. bummer!!! i would like to see some specifically crafted levels with this rig, because if procedurally generated/random slices of platforming in this style feel good i'm interested in what you can do with hand-crafted levels that introduce concepts slowly. i don't have a twitter but if i make one i'll crawl back here and follow you xoxo

Amni3D responds:

Haha! I didn't think anyone would notice the haggle mechanic. That's actually a left over of how the leveling system existed a while ago. It used to be (SPD, HP, STA, LCK, ABL). Then it got shortened to (SPD, HP, STA), then it just got shortened to (Level). As you can imagine, the shop used to have more emphasis. And yeah, they were specifically designed as breaks as well, and as a way to take a break if the game got a bit hectic. I should really make a post talking about this game's development...

I didn't expect the slimes to be this difficult. They were intended as a level 1 enemy. I'm planning another update, so I suppose what I can do here is lower their frequency or speed. I'm very apprehensive of fiddling with the game's core design here since I think it makes more sense to work on something new (the code base wasn't too hot- was learning Unity in the process)

Micro updates are things I might do. I don't mind the idea of beefier content updates, but the specific format of what I made didn't lend itself well to a kind of long-term development deal. I'd love to make a game with steady post-release content, but I think at least this version of this idea didn't suit itself well. I have a different view of what I think I can make Flow Runner play like, and I think it's a kind of 3D endless runner we haven't seen before. I really want to pull it off one day.

But really, thanks! You did well explaining what you liked and why, what you disliked and why. You guys have been pretty good about this. And I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much.

EDIT: Game has been updated. Slimes are easier to predict now.

hey this was pretty fun, it has a gamecube sega type of feel

Amni3D responds:

I was thinking more PSP in the back of my mind, but never gave it much emphasis.
Yeah, that "early 3D SEGA" feel is something I really want to pull off someday.

Its always nice to play a small little game full of original characters and and objects to me, and this is like that! The game controls really well, and has a great aesthetic, with its JSRF or P5 lookin' visuals, and funky but relaxing music, that really suits the game. The character art is great, and the short little dialouges between runs is such a nice touch. I love how all the characters have outlines, and the fish-eye lens not only makes it look unique, but allows you to see more stuff ahead, which is great! My one issue is that, maybe its just my computer (which it likely is, this thing is really old.), but the double-jump only ever seemed to work when it wanted to. Thats a small blemish though, on another wise great game! Great work!

Also, if you don't mind me asking, do the characters have names, and also how long did this take to make?

Amni3D responds:

The characters kind-of have names. The main character in my head is named "Flow", but it's really just something of a placeholder. He wasn't originally meant to be much of a specific character, he was more meant to just be a player avatar. Originally he had no specific design, and was meant to be like a customizable stick-figure marshmallow looking guy. But I felt that took away from any kind of soul the game could have by intentionally creating "generic the character". Other characters are more or less unnamed, like "Shop Keeper" and "Slime".

As for how long this game took- I can't really say exactly... On one hand, I can "say" it was developed in like 2 years, but a good portion of that 2 years was struggling with my incompetence, learning Unity, or not actually working on it. But regardless, it did take a long time.

This is a wonderful endless run!! I love the 3D effect :O

Amni3D responds:

Thanks! Although I do think visually there's a lot that could've been done.. If it looks good despite that, and it runs well, then that's great.
(but seriously, the skybox was rushed and brings the whole look down imo :v)

This is a surprisingly good runner. Nice way to pass the time. I like the simple PS1 looking visuals and the calm loop of music playing. i like the design of the characters too. Not bad!

Amni3D responds:

I think that look comes from the fact that there's no dynamic lighting, it's all unlit. Much like many PS1 games that were either unlit, or used very simplified lighting models.
And I do think that even today, that's a visual look that should show up more. People have been doing some pretty darn good looking stuff with texture painting, and *just* texture painting in a way that looks modern.

Despite me not being too happy with the visuals of this game, that's a route I want to try to pull off. Not everything needs 5 different maps per material!